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Hey all, 

Recently added a hps intake to the 21 is350, wanted more intake sound, expected higher temps but reading obd2 data for ambient, intake temps all seem to be inline with the factory intake(especially once everything is heat soaked) 

Have not checked any power gain or driven it enough on normal routes to determine if throttle response has improved. 

But once you reach 4 to 5k rpm the intake sounds like its sucking in your soul like a demon. 

The tom's racing panel filter I had before this was pretty good as a cheaper upgrade. 

Going to get a few dyno runs soon and see how things sit. 



- Sound

- No CEL

- butt dyno feels ok so far

- installed in under 1.5 hours

- high quality hardware 

- still uses factory OTR duct to feed air while moving. 


- Price(not the product, but shipping from America. 500ish for the product, 250ish for shipping) 

- shipping time, just over a month. 

- American IS have the horn mounted near intake, had to run the bolt through the hole on the AUS spec first before bolting it up. 

- filter quality seems meh(going to get a gruppe m soon maybe) 






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5 hours ago, Ctam said:

Also have you notice any power gains from this intake?


5 hours ago, Ctam said:

The intake looks good how much louder is it to the stock intake?

Intake is pretty quiet at low rpm with hood down, hood up you can hear the air sucking, and high Rpm 4500+ the intake roars.


Power gains are negligible if anything 

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