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Radio not working. Help. Tried everything and still unsure

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I've read through a lot of forums about fixing the radio problem but they all seem to be amplifier or fuse related. Well after drying my amp and then trying it out, then replacing it still didn't work. Then I checked and replaced some fuses and it still didnt work.

The audio will not play for anything at all. The power on button does nothing. The volume dial does nothing. The volume buttons on the steering wheel do nothing. The FM and AM buttons show not available screens and do nothing. The navigation sound does not talk. Bluetooth seems busted. The CD player does nothing. The AUX does not play or connect at all. There is absolutely no response from anything associated with audio on the headunit, but everything else on the headunit works fine like the navigation will work but not talk and the buttons (excluding audio related buttons) all work fine.

I checked the diagnostics and these can be seen below. I'm not sure what these really mean but I know they're almost all related to the headunit/radio system.

Also, it's a 2010 is250 and I replaced and checked the radio fuses and some others but couldn't find any amp related fuses. Regardless I don't think it is fuse or amp related.

Audio NCON.jpg



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Hey there, Yeah i have those exact symptoms after attempting to install an aftermarket headunit that was deemed to be compatible. Having put the OEM Mark Levinson unit back in i have no audio. I had the Amp and headunit tested by everyone other than Lexus. I have no audio functionality at all. screen displays " Audio Off".

how did you get to the diagnostic screens as per the post above?

i also have been replacing fuses with no joy thus far.

I have a ML system in a 2009 ISF.

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