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Interior Transplant

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Hi guys,

I have '99 IS200 with the standard cloth (non-electric / heated) seats, and needed some help with tips or instructions on how to do a complete interior transplant from a 2000 IS200 with leather and electronic seats.

important things i need help with is:

1) how best to remove the front and back seats

2) how to remove the door panels

3) any info on how the airbags in the seats will be affected. if at all

4) will i need to do any mods (to the wiring/looms etc..) so that i can hook up the electronic of the new seats, as my current ones are non-electronic

5) I’ve had a quote from one smash repair shop who said they'll do the swap for $850 and will have to leave my car there for 3 days!!! Considering i only paid $800 for the complete interior naturally, im looking for a D.I.Y solution.

Is this job as difficult as they make it out to be? im pretty handy with diff types of jobs (recently rebuilt a CBR600RR after having a 'little' accident on a stretch of Putty Rd), should i just pay the $850 or have a go myself????

any help u guys have would be much appreciated.

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