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Overtrail Owner (to be)

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Hi all, I just want to introduce myself, I believe I was the first in Australia to put a deposit on the new GX550 late last year. Now it looks like it getting close (mid July) for our Overtrail to arrive and we can’t wait! I got the Overtrail because I do a lot of driving in the outback and roads out there are not a priority for a state government that has never realised that Queensland extends past Hasting street (Cappucino alley) In Noosa. I drive from Cairns to Mount Isa on a regular basis (1300km each way) through unforgiving terrain and I just want to have a super reliable comfortable car that can handle those roads as well as the roads in the northwest that are….lacking in maintenance. So we’ve got the Overtrail coming, getting the window tint, paint protection and interior protection as well as the towing package and when available we’ll definitely get a bull bar (too many suicidal Roos, emu's, cattle and Camels on each drive). We’re upgrading from a VW Tiguan (very unreliable but great on the open road) and we’re looking forward to having Lexus quality, I’m hoping it’s much much better than the Tiguan which was half the price!

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I was told mid July for delivery, they fixed the sunroof drain at the factory and there’s a shroud for the fuel line that has to be attached, the engine recall was for 2022 and 2023 V6 engines and the new ones are unaffected.

We’ll see when it finally arrives but you can be assured I’m excited!

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I put a deposit for a Premium over the weekend. I'm told it's on target for delivery late July or early August! Can't wait! I wished they'd had enhancement packages as I would've liked the Mark Levinsson and panoramic roof.

Which colour did you go with? 

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