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hi there, i just bought a 1990 toyota celsior 1 week ago from tomoro it is the best car ive driven.

its a c-f package got it for 9000 with 84,000k on it.

anyway im looking for extractors to give it a bit more power and a nice note can anyone point me in the right direction...

thanx alot

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Why change the exhaust? You aready have a twin system that breaths. Put on nice low profile mags, lower the springs a few cm, change the ambers to clear and you will have a pretty unique car.


The stock twin system hardly breaths at all.

Stock system consists of 2 cats, 1 big resonator in the middle and 4 large mufflers, 2 of which are side entry.

I recently removed the rear section of the exhaust from the y piece. which included the 4 mufflers. What a mess of side entry mufflers, 2.25 into 2 inch and back and multiple bends the rear section is.

I replaced all this with twin 2.25 inch pipe pipe with 2 s/s straight through mufflers at the rear.

Sounds like a V8 now with a nice raspy burble.

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