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Importing From Japan

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Hi pplz

I am new to this forum, so go easy on me :-)

I really want to buy an Altezza, but need to find one at the right price (don't we all).

One option is to import one from Japan. I was hoping for some advise on importing. Is it worth it? Any good sites on the net you could reconmmend?

I really want a RS200 :-P

Thanks Guys n Gurls

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We can help ya out with prob the best pricing on an RS200 dude,through many differents avenues. PM me what you are looking for and we can launch an official"best deal through people we know" hunt!

Let me know your requirements(colour,year,price preference.options etc) and I'll get onto it for ya.

Regards,and welcome to the only official Lexus club in NZ.

Gav :gav:

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