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Hey, I have got a genuine Toyota Front Lip on my car at the moment for sale.

It is in OK condition and it is painted Green.

It is the front lip from the Toyota Elegance Bodykit


Reply if you are interested

Also I have got a random brand new air filter for 1G-FE (IS200 or Altezza AS200). My friend bought me this one instead of what I have asked him to and it is just a replacement for the stock one.

I'm willing to sell it for $30 B)

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How much do you want for the front lip?

I saw the keying on your boot lid. Man that F***s me off. I would kill the guy if I saw him doing that to anyones car!!! :angry:

Who does this piece of crap think he is?

Evans European in Penrose did a good job on a mates car when his got done and they do a lot of work on prestige vehicles so i guess they are used to doing quality work.

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Hey Hoon

yea, i'm still quite ****ed about the scratches, so I need to sell the front lip to get some money to get it repaired.

What would be a resonable price for the front lip, you know, I don't want to rip anyone off??

Maybe around $250 - 300 - negotiable ;)

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