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More Parts Review For All Is/altezza

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Hi All:

Think we need more reviews for now...

BP Ultimate 98 Octane Unleaded - you will not believe it but now the tank last for around 15% more than normal 96 octane...even though its 5cents more per litre, it is still worth it, overall It will save you $5 per tank on a IS300 / IS200 but bext of all you can save yourself to go to the gas station everyweek, I do really get sick of it.

Where to get car serviced or tuned etc

Servicing - It will pay to go to your Toyota / Lexus Dealer to get car serived or any suspension setup.

Tuning - Torque Performance in Avondale, check the white pages, they do Dyno for $50 every first Saturday of every month, they do installed for intake, exhaust and more...Or maybe your Toyota / Lexus Dealer.

Suspension Lexus Of North Shore / North Shore Toyota can help with suspension fittings...WARNING about Mag and Turbo Warehouse...go there at your own risk, think about buying car care products from the warehouse... :angry:

Where to Buy a Lexus / Toyota - Toyota Up to you, But Lexus you will have to go to Lexus OF North Shore for superior Service and Customer Care...:), Thanks Kelvin!!!

Some General Spec for the IS / Altezza.

Power -

IS200 - 114kw @ 6200rpm 190nm torque @

IS300 - 157kw @ 5800rpm 288nm torque @

AS200 - 118kw @ 6200rpm

RS200 (Man) - 154kw @ 7200rpm?

RS200 (AT) - 147kw @ 7200rpm?

Lenght - 4400mm on all models (exc US models)

Still under constrcution, to be reviced soon.

Matt L

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Site that details all of the different options available in Japan on Altezzas, as well as the specs, weights, gear ratios, and a full listing of all equipment and options available and which of those are on which editions of the car.


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