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Altezza Rs200

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all things are possible...

How about advertising for an Aussie who is working in NZ for a while, maybe on transfer for a big company. They may be able to buy one here and ship it over with minimal duty. Shipping from here is under $NZ2000 return. (for rally cars)

Chase up Customs in Sydney and find what the retrictions are for bbringing one over from here by yourself. We can find one for you here easily enough, and under CER imports between NZ & Aus are simplified.


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I thought about this idea before, it might be cheaper this way.

I will find out, but these are the basic duties I have to pay for the car

For how much can I get RS200 and AS300?

How fast are they from 0-100?

In Sydney I have to pay 10% of GST for everything, like shipping, insurance etc.

Also I have to pay 15% of the car price, which would be estimated in Sydney :( . And some registration fees (less than $1000).

I think AU$5000-7000 would cover all expenses plus car price.

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Taken from www.prestigemotorsports.com.au:

What is the 15 year rule ?

There are in fact four (4) methods of importing vehicles to Australia, of which the 15 year rule is only one method. The 15 year rule allows for the import of any vehicle to Australia that is 15 years old or older and is completely separate to (and unaffected by) the new import scheme (SEVS -- Specialist and Enthusiast Vehicle Scheme). In 2003 it relates to vehicles that were made in or before 1988. In 2004 it will apply to vehicles manufactured in or before 1989, and so on.

SEVS is the new import scheme and is the second method of importing. It covers all cars imported for normal road use that are younger than 15 years, e.g. 1993 Toyota Supra, Nissan Skyline etc.

The 2 other methods of importing apply to race cars only, and to those people working outside Australia for 12 months or longer. They are NOT suitable methods for a member of the general public that wishes to import a vehicle for normal road use.

Note: The same import duties, GST and shipping costs apply to vehicles regardless of their method of import.

Take a browse around their site, because I dont think it will be possible to import Altezzas anymore. The SEVS scheme also only applies to certain vehicles e.g. skylines, evo's, etc

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