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Hot Starting

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Hi Folks

Has anyone had any hot starting problems with their IS300/Altezzas ? Twice now my Gita has died and refused to restart again after a very short stop when hot.

Situtation - at work I have parking in the back of the warehouse, nice - dry and secure ....

When I arrive at work early I have to stop the car, go in through the offices and open the roller door from the inside. At this stage I've just come off the motorway and the car is hot. Time with the engine off - about 60 secs.

When I get in to restart, it fires and then dies almost immeadialty - before I can even get it in gear. It will then crank for about 2 minutes before it fires again. I'm assuming some sort of fuel evaporation problem due to the hot engine.

Has anyone else experienced anything similar ? The card is the Gita 3L rwd/5speed auto- stock standard as far as I am aware.


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I haven't heard of this before. Try searching the UK Club for anything similar, as they have over a thousand members with all sorts of problems.

In the old days it would point to fuel vapour, but with fuel injection that is unlikely as the high pressure pumps should collapse any air bubbles. You might end up on an electronic diagnostics machine to check it out.


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I had those problems with my series 4 mazda RX7 turbo. It was the injectors leaking fuel and flooding the engine. Because the fuel rail still has high pressure in it when you turn the car off it seeps through the injectors. The problem was quite common with the RX7 that there was an electronic module made to plug in to over come it.

So your problem could be similar or possibly some sort of ignition problem.

maybe you could get your injectors cleaned and flow tested (about NZ$30 per injector)

Anyhow goodluck, let us know what you find


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Thanks for the suggestions guys.

I checked out the UK club site, but the problems there seemed to be confined to IS200s cold starting in wet weather (ie most of the time in the UK ;) )

I'll be keeping an eye on it and it it happens too often then Toyota will have to check it out for me. Could be injectors I guess, though the car is only 18months old and only 11000 Ks, signature class import so the numbers should be kosher.


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Have you checked for any diagnostic codes?

Another reason for this could be a dodgy Engine Temp sensor.

If it reads too low, it will think its a cold start and add more fuel to aid starting.

If its not reading at all, it will Default to 'cold start' and add more fuel.

Both outcomes will end up with the need to wait for the engine to cool down.

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