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Altezza Sat Nav And Toyota Dvd Based Systems

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For all you Toyota owners with Sat Nav screens and GPS DVD units, heard from people that a DVD is comming out late next month fully operational with the stock systems.

If this is true, i wonder if the system will be operational without the Stock Radio tuner etc since when i took it out for my aftermarket unit, the Screen stopped displaying the map. Would also be nice if Toyota brought out TV tuners for the screen..


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In an update to this - that rumour was indeed true, however the release has been delayed until June. I've been ringing and emailing around and have found that the only company in New Zealand producing these products is GeoSmart (link to website). Indeed, they are producing a CD or DVD with mapping software that will be released for a variety of late model and new cars (including BMWs) although the final list of cars has not been confirmed. One of their spokeswomen assures me that the Altezza's Denso-based systems are on their list.

From one of her emails:

Dear Chad

Our company will be releasing a car navigation CD suitable for these brands later this year.

There will be a press statement probably in June to announce the product and we believe that a number of car brands will also be involved in the launch and will offer the product on New cars

If you do not hear of any news by August, please contact me or visit our web site for more information

Seems pretty promising. I am trying to prod them into letting me beta test the mapping software on Altezzas for them, but I'm not sure how successful I'll be. *grin*

Additonally, Navman aren't looking at this market in NZ currently, nor are Navtech. Anyway, will be interesting to see what happens here - and if it's released, how it's priced!

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Sounds cool. Can't wait to hear if Altezzas will be supported. I imagine that given the size of the Toyota brand that they'd be supporting that, and chances are that the majority of the Toyota sat nav systems will be the same format... Fingers crossed. Any work on a ballpark $$$ figure?

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