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Fs- Is200 Enhanced Ignition And Ground Wires


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hi guys, i live in Australia, and i am goin to sell my is200,

i have a set of used (1.5year) TM works (japanese company) enhance ignition wires and ground wires for sale.......

anyone interested? i am not sure how much power it gives on is200,

but TM works told me that they had the ignition wires install on a race version RS200 altezza, and it gave 15HP more on the dyno.

i remembered when i had it install, i can feel the car much more responsive and the car take off much faster than b4.....

u can get more info from



the two products cost me over $800AUS

i am selling it for $350NZ

if anyone is interested pls email me at ASL217@optushome.com.au

i can send u some photo of the two product

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