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Lexus Corporate Scheme

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Hi All,

Just placed an order for a IS250, pick up should next week. Fortunately my work has a corporate lexus arrangement....

Has anyone got their cars with the lexus corporate benefits?

Is it suppose to be mentioned on the contract......mine didnt mention anything?

And lastly what is the "corporate welcome gift"

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Hi all!

I'd brought my IS250 at Lexus of Brighton and have a corporate package included in the deal thru my wife company. You will get at least 2 cards which will send to you by mail. One is your normal and other is your corporate card. The benefits will be: free service from lexus dealers for 4 years that's including parts and labours cost. also all other nice and free package. Please check Lexus website for more details. i also get a bottle of good brand red wine with leather carrying case.


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Its me again!

Have anyone considering to install a 3m Clear Bra paint protection for your sexy new IS250 yet. I got my install roughly about 5 months ago from this company based in Melbourne and also other stages as well. Its called www.ozicozi.com.au . He done a great job for my car for roughly about $700. The kit include full front bumper, a section for front bonnet, L & R hand side for front quarter panels and also rear upper bumber and mirror. it is a very good investment for long term if you guys decide to sell or trade later on. i have a few small rock chips when i drove off from the dealer due to the softness in paint now day. After i got Clear bra protection on, never get any rock chips on the area where they covered.

If you guys think about this, just have look on their web for futher details.

Have a nice day.

Lexus fan

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