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I have seen Lexasy, its on a Grey IS200 right? RTEZZA? is it a Yellow RS200??? Forgot there are far too many around now days...I use to remember every number plate 2 tears back when there were not many around...

Matt :D

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Yeah, and someone's got LTEZZA, TEZZA and ALTEZA so there's at least a few more! I am getting a plate this week, but decided against the car specific one - going for OMGWTF now. (geek joke - woo!).

Thought about ALT3ZA and LTZZA, or even HOTTEZ or BADTEZ, but yeah.

I've also got TOYSPD and XXXLR8 for sale if anyone's interested. :D

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i have a VIP celsior with 18X12's and a massive widebody kit i was gunna (well still thinking) about getting VIPIMP

hahah get it!! or VIP-400

Pics man!!!

Anyways, I have the Standard NSW plates XOD-05S Bob Marley fans will know what this is..

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all the good ones are taken in QLD in terms of lexus. for me personally i would never get a plate that is to do with the car's make, as I want to be able to use the plates if i change makes in the future..

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