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Cam Belt


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yeah im in need of one in around 3000 km :( It will be a sad day when i have to replace it.

get a Gates brand belt, apparently they are the better ones, from repco or some place like that. will be around the $100 mark for the belt only or probably around the $300 mark to have a mechanic do it. Im doing mine myself.

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<_< Hey guy's i'm in need of a cambelt who where and how much are the basic question's.

Thank's in advance

Muzza :ph34r:

are you in a rush for them? got a box of stuff coming in from Hong Kong this week if ya want to save some $ I can put it in the box so you won't have to pay any shipping...

Matt :)

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Hey Muzza

Go to Belt drive at 179 cuba st they are beside a chainsaw outfit I think, its been a while since I been there, Anyhow thats where repco and all the other cambelt retailers buy there belts fromas they are the importer for Gates Cam belts, Make sure you get the idler pully replaced at the same time as I have seen a few stuffed belts from seized idler pulleys in the past. For the sake of a few extra dollars it is the cheapest insurence you can buy.

As for where to get it done in palmy they all charge about $45 to $50 an hour so it is your choice really. If you want to go through a dealer go to TRC Toyota in feilding not manawatu toyota, or non dealer I would reccomend AutoKraft in Palmy or Rob Garrett Auto Services in Feilding, Both places I know as I have mates that work there and they know there *BLEEP*. But Feel free to price up anyplace you want.

Hope this helps


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:D Thank's Shannon i went to beltdrive and they sourced one for me i've also decided to do the tensioner's as well All up $162. That was also with discount thru work.

Thank's everyone for your input if you know you have a cambelt change coming up it may pay to get Matt to get a price before you need it.



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