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Well, I looked up the old posts on this and they must have been in the lot that were 'lost' last year.

Anyway, Ian Booth's V8 Altezza is progressing and should be a fantastic Targa Rally car when done. It has been in Auckland having the body stripped and strengthened, the cage fitted and the seats mounted. I emailed him about the lunch run coming up and got this reply...

Hi Keith

I have now got the car back and it's at the painters. The engine is at my engine builders and all the big brakes as well as the Proflex suspension have been fitted. The engine should be back mid to late April. There will be some 100 hours of work that will be done on the heads alone, not counting all the other work required.

I have also had a set of molds done which include front and rears, side skirts and guard flares. I will be selling sets and the money will be going into the running of the car. I'll advise you of the pricing soon.

Once the car is complete, I would be very interested in turning up to one of your outings. Please keep me informed.

I'll forward soon photos once I have the car back together and the engine back in.

Now THAT would be a great car for the lunch run! :lol:


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Nice 1 Keith :D

Ian is the person who supplied the new engine for my car when i blew the old 1 up.

I'm still running the engine in after the work done on the engine, seems to have alot more 'pull' now, and thats with 5 psi boost, can quite safely run 9 psi now.

Once the engine is run in, then i'll bump the boost up a bit..... :D

Then really have some fun.. :P :rolleyes:


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yeah I parked up with his son when he was driving it last year! that photo doesnt do it justice it was looking pretty sweet with those flared guards!!

It was driven around Hanmilton for a month or two. In two days I saw it few times on the road and then never saw it again! Just as well as I was getting jealous, haha, just joking!! :rolleyes:

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Wow! that does look nice. I would've kept it like that and chopped up a plain one to rally!

He's just sent me a couple of the car in bits, so I'll put them up now. One of the engine sitting in the bay and a couple of the cage fitting.



Attached are some photos. I didn't take as many as I should have during the

building stage but a couple of  NZ car magazines want to do

articles on the car once it's completed. I'll advise you when the articles

are to be done.

I would be happy to meet the club at Pukekohe one weekend if interested.

Once the cars had it's shake down and I'll happy with it's

set up, I would be happy to take a few of you guys for a couple of laps.

The car unfortunately will not be ready for this years Endurance Race series

in both the North and South Islands, but we will be contesting both next year.


Ian Booth

P.S. I'll send more photos in a couple of weeks.

So, anyone for Pukekohe...!!!! The queue is right behind me! :P

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if anyone can get photos etc together - we can make a decent article on this.

I would post it on the UK and US boards too - this is the sort of thing that needs to be shared with the world! B)

make sure we get a watermark on the pics we put in the gallery, so people hear about the club if the pictures get posted elsewhere ;)

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  • 1 month later...

OK, organised! I'm going to catch up with Ian in early May and get more pictures and an article together. Should be just as it all gets put together.

Of course, now he has done one, he could do another far easier. Not a full modded V8 like his, but just dropping a second-hand Jap import 430 into an Altezza would make a nice car. He said it goes in easily... ;)

Standard power is 290bhp/320ft.lb torque, which pushes the 1760kg blimp to 100kph in 5.9sec. That should make an Altezza fly! It runs at 11L/100Km, compared to Greeneyes 9L/100K, so it would still be cheap to run.

Any takers?? We could have a group buy and do a production run!



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OK, organised! I'm going to catch up with Ian in early May and get more pictures and an article together. Should be just as it all gets put together.

excellent news Keith - well done sir!

keep me informed on this mate - and let me know if I can help putting the piece together.

there is substantial interest in this car - a worldwide scoop would be nice B)

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Hi Guys,

As discussed the other day with Keith, I'd be happy to supply you with as much information about the car with photos as you need.

The gearbox and shifter has arrived from the USA and most engine parts have been either made or not too far away from arriving also. The car has at last been painted and I'm going to check it out later this morning. The roof will be put back on next week along with the glass put back in, and I should be re-assembling the car the week after next. Got to watch the Aussie V8's at Pukekohe, so there will not be work done that weekend on the car.

Anyway, I'm happy to take more photos and give a list of whats going into the car, meeting / races that we'll be competing in and arrange to catch up with Keith over the next few weeks when it suits.

I will put together a list of spares that were taken out of the car for sale, i.e: Seats, sunroof and roof skin, airbags, bonnet(hood) etc. Who was the guy looking for a cig lighter and something else? because they are there.



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  • 3 weeks later...

Well, I went down to Hamilton today and caught up with Ian.

Just blown away!!

What a project! Its like Matt's Supracharged Monster in the UK, crossed with his race car Altezza and taken to the extreme!

First thing I found was that it's an IS450!

and the number plate is 650BHP! or thereabouts!

I'll get the photos sorted and get something up in the next week!

Thanks Ian


...and coming back from Hamilton, who's little yellow TRD whistled past me going South and tooted! There's no hiding that Altezza Girl!

...and even more surprising was the black Altezza with the yellow fogs at the lights in Manukau when I came off the motorway. That car was on the run last night! :D

We're everywhere!

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(sorry, this is totally off the topic of Boothy's car)

Yes Keith, that was me!!! :) I saw "greeneyes" so tooted!! :D

Decided to go down to Hamilton for dinner for Mothers Day.

I was going to say its a good thing to be so noticeable, but then again... is it?!?!?! hehe ;)

Met up with Hayden (4Rolln) while I was down in Hamilton. Great to put more faces to names! After going for a trip round the block in his car, and looking at what he's done to 4Rolln, I've got heaps of things I can add to my list of things to save up for!!! :D

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Nice to finally meet the "altezza girl" last night, nice car youv'e got there!

we even had a random altezza pull up to to have a quick chat aswell!

anyways busy week this week so I better get on with it.


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