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Aristo Manual Conversion

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I have a 94 147 Aristo and I am thinking about a manual conversion but I'm just wondering what you do with the hand brake as it is located right where the clutch would go. The auto is driving me crazy. I'm looking at a budget conversion and would appreciate any help that may help me through any problems I will encounter. If some one has a manual 147 Aristo out there could they please let me know all the details they had to go through to achieve it - I'm talking to you Aristo_kat!!!

Anyway, any help would be much appreciated.


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You can use a is200/altezza handbrake for the conversion. make sure to get the whole handbrake assembly inclusive of the rear cable. and also get a lower centre console where the handbrake lies on the is200,hack away the handbrake area and fibreglass it to your console. For the clutch, it should come with your 2jz halfcut else, get rh MR2 or alrezza one which should fit. If you have money to burn, get the AP racing pedal box and it will solve all problems but the money spent is much more.

So far i've only converted to 161/160 aristos to manual. Have yet to see a 147 conversion but if you liik at hyperev issue 34, you can see a few 147 conversions. Nearest i saw is the old es300 manual conversion whichhas the is200 handbrake bolted on direct.

Why i like to use the is200 handbrake is because it's a side mount and our cars are used for drifting. so it's better if the handbrake is nearer to the knob. Opinion differs but that's my preference.

Point to note, if you are driving the RHD aristo, get the US LHD handbrake which is located on the right hand side. You get a cleaner look as the driver's seat can hide any imperfections as the seat is seldom moved.

the hand brake can be easily located from yards. If you can't find, let me know. I search my garage for one. I should have one or two left including the console.


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