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Standard Clutch Distance

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Hey guys, just wondering what your experiances are on the standard original clutch distance. My car has done 80K now and i am presuming it is the standard clutch. Most other cars I have driven usually need a replacement around this stage. When did you replace your clutchs. For the RS200 of course.

My second question has to do with the standard exhaust system. Who here still has it and is it raspi (eg. Tin can filled with gravel) if so what has to be changed on the cheap to fix this. New muffler or something?

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My car has 88000km on it now and the clutch still feels fine even when towing my bike on the trailer, I may upgrade after 100000km anyway.

The horrible raspy sound is bad with my standard system. I have heard that by fitting a bullet style muffler(coby brand) that has an expansion chamber at one end can help.

My brother said he fitted one to his toyota GT levin and it helped

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Toyota engineers spent thousands of hours and millions of dollars to get that "sporty" raspy sound!! :P

I don't know which muffler will fix it, if any.

I changed the clutch in my Sentra at 270,000km because I had to do the rear crank oil seal. I expect Toyotas to last as long... you're not hard on a clutch are you drift?? :lol:


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My RS is getting a new clutch on this week as the thrust bearing is shot and is making a very annoying scraping noise (like a stone in brakes but worse).

I was a little alarmed as it has only done 88,000km, but the dealer is replacing it at his cost. I figure the previous owner must have rode the clutch a bit.

I actually like the raspy noise of the standard exhaust!


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Quite funny Gareth. My looks exactly the same as yours in your avatar. Spoiler and everything. And I have foudnd that the clutch is fine. But the thrust bearing is noisy. Actually started to squeak. Presume the same as you. Clutch ridding.

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That is strange Driftit, same looking car (neo customised bodykit?) and same annoying noise from the thrust bearing as well.

The clutch seems to still work ok apart from a few niggles when its cold.

I figure that i spent a lot of money on the car, if i wanted a rattly noisy car i would have kept my Familia, the dealer prob thinks that i am a pratt though.


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