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Nz / Aud Cost Of Living


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looking at the converted costs for EBC goodies - the amounts seem really high!

but - just the numbers is no comparison - need to know the cost of living "down there"

what does a pint of beer run you guys?

I would expect to pay £2 - £3 for a pint of Stella Artois (depending on where in the country / class of pub)

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I don't drink myself(weird for a DJ huh?),but as a comparison a bottle of Heineken or Steinlager will set you back $5.50 to $6 NZ currency,around 2 pounds in UK monies....

thats what I was expecting B)

seems like the cost of beer is about the same then - so 143NZD for pads is not as outrageous as it seems to be when I was typing it in!

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Not at all...that seems to be a perfectly reasonable dollar value for decent gear. Hmmmm....methinks an order shalt hath to be arranged....


ah - fair enough then.

just seemed an awful lot as I was typing it in - I converted the £50 - typed 143 NZD - and mentally went HOW MUCH!! :blink::blink:

they are quality gear mate - if there is enough interest, we could look into a group buy or something - maybe shipping them all to one address could bring down costs

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LOL! I can tell you're a DJ Gav! :lol:

When I by beer it's $13/doz for the 330ml sizes and $15 for a bottle of wine. Loaf of bread $1.75, a 215/45x17 Toyo T1 is $280 (due for a pair soon) and a labourer on a building site earns about $15/hr.

Lamb chops $10/kg to $13/kg!!

2002 Lexus IS200s, about $40,000 :D

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I don't know, the cost of living is getting alot hiher for the last few years, just looking at the bostons buns they have in bakers delight, it was $1.3 back in 98, now around $3.5 or somthing, houses are alot more expensive and parking now cost $4 an hour at the meter, used to be $2 in 2001, $3 in 2002, so whats going to be next year $5???

PS- Greeneyes, where can you hook up 02 IS200 for $40000??? where can you find them for that price, my lexus dealer sell 01 IS200 for $58000...... <_<

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