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Groupbuy For Trd Sports Grille


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Hi All,

I have heard from a few members having interest on this grille...the normal price I can get them for is $366.67 Shipped landed at your door. But if we can get another certain amount we can probly get a little lower price...$351.46 for one grille per city, or if we can get more than 1 order per city we can bring it down to $337.40 shipped to a member for pick up in that city, eg Cristchurch.

TRD Sports Grille

People Already on the list - KiwiNZ, Ressit, Turbo and Squid

People that already own this grille who love them - Hoon, AJC, Cash Free, Chronik SK, Dan evee, Kiddoo 7788 and Franco.

If you already own a original chrome Altezza grille, I can get rid of it for you for $100.00*, if you gt another other grilles, PM me for more info.

Cheers for now.

Matt :D

* Subject to exchange rate and shipping rate as grille are mainly sold overseas.

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Hi Lextcey:

Isn't that grill from "Platinum" edition IS 200/IS300 and withJDM Altezza logo?

I noticed that from post 2002 IS200/300, U can actually remove the logo by un clip from behind the grill, and u can actually see a diamond shape(altezza logo) backing.

Unlike pre-2002 models, the grill in form in one piece, so if u want to get rid of "L" mark, u need to change the whole grill.


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Will try to message you Matt, but I will step out in faith here and say yes put me down for that grill.

Will DC you the money asap.

Cheers for that, we gotta get the trend started sumwhere ay.


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