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Apexi Induction/s-afc Wiring Diagram For Sxe10

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Hi all.

Thanks to Matt I now have the Apexi Filter and Aluminium Induction box for my RS200.

I have driven the car with and without the Aluminium Box and I can tell you there is a big difference.

With the Apexi intake alone the upper revs are much better but it loses some low end power and feels really sluggish until 4500rpm....but....with the Induction box you get much more response below 4500rpm and then its smooth right the way to the red line!

Overall it feels quicker, the noise is superb (if you like that sort of thing) and i have done an extra 25 miles on the last tank of fuel!!!! (might not be related).

Anyway I have taken some pictures of the install and will write up very soon for all of you to use if needed.

I now have an Apexi S-AFC to make use of my mods further....but I dont have a wiring diagram! Anyone able to help me??



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Wicked! Looking forward to seeing the pictures and install - I'm looking at putting the box in for my HKS RS intake so will probably find it more than useful.

Is this the box that Matt talks about having to modify slightly to get to fit?

As for the S-AFC wiring diagram - is this what you're looking for (1.2MB)?


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Re: the Cold Air Box.......fitted easily... from start to finish including taking photos it took me 1 1/2 hours...did not even find anything tricky.

Re: S-AFC diagram......thanks for the link but thats for the S-AFC II I have the S-AFC ....anyone else got a wiring diagram for this? or is it the same as the S-AFC II?



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Did a little bit more hunting:

SAFC Wiring diagram: http://www.apexi-usa.com/productdocumentat...s_safc_wire.pdf

SAFC Manual: http://www.apexi-usa.com/productdocumentat...cs_safc_ins.pdf

And others at http://www.apexi-usa.com/documentation.asp

The Altezzas don't seem to be on the SAFC1 lists but maybe you can work it out from a combination of the two wiring diagrams?

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