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Aussie Members...

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Ok guys, its getting boring now!

When are we going to have a meetup? Like a central location...Sydney maybe?? hahah! Anyways, this forum I can count about 5 members from OZ, and IS300...that gets a post once every 3 days! SO! Who is interested in a meetup??

I think we should get the ball rolling! Im part of the Aussie Lexus soarer club, and they are quite active, with Dyno days and track days. Im sure they would be intersted to come also!

So, suggestins peeps, I want to see IS/GS/LS/SC/RX and LX models show up!

Now lets stop being old men for once (Im not speaking on behalf of myself here hehehe) and lets get a gathering happening, maybe some soccer, football, Ping Pong, RC/Cars BBQ, Whatevea!!!

Now, lets discuss...

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heheh.. yea Im up for that long weekend cruise..

and.. why the hell do you want to drive fast for..??

its a cruise !! like.... a 30kph CRUISE !! :D

so the double demerit points mean NOTHING !!! :) hehehe

yep. put my name down for whenever that is to happen.

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