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Finally - I Have Pics!

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Hmm, finally got some pics of the car, in a nice clean state!

Plans - looking for feedback on these:

- Better alarm and stereo

- Cold air box/heatshield, possible ram intake, depending on cost

- Front tints

- Exhaust

- ... not sure after that!



Kudos to Matt! :P


Thoughts guys? If you check my garage entry, a few things have already been done to the car, but I'm still keen to keep the project going! Given the lacklustre lowend, the heatshield and exhaust are my primary two, after alarm stereo upgrade :-]

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Yeah, it's the C-West one - one of my favourites you can get for the tezzas/is200s/is300s. The only thing I miss are the fog lights! :D The rims are 18" bronze Yokohama AVS Model5s.

Glad you guys think the plate is funny - it's all about giving people a laugh. :D

What do the aero wing mirrors look like Jase? And funny you mention about the rest of the kit - I don't actually like the rest of the C-West kit that much somehow, reeks a bit too much of Veilside for me. :D

I promise you Keith, it's being well cared for! *hugs car*

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don't think they are that advanced with heated mirrors haha

but i know you can get the blue tinted mirrors with them

if u don't want fogs on your mirrors, you can try the X-Rain Anti-fog or something from Repco. I use it on my mirrors and works fine :--)

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I looked at a car in Newmarket back in January that had those wing mirrors. The sales guy told me there are only three other cars in NZ with them (dont know if he was trying to have me on or not?!?!) They certainly are different!

I bet your "list of things to do" will grow soon!

Very nice car, it looks great! :D

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Heh, nah, it's just limp from over-stimulation. :-p

Actually, I have no idea why it's bent like that.

As for the rest of the kit - probably isn't sliding on anytime soon! I don't really like the rear half of the C-West kit, so I'd have to mix it with something else. And besides, too many other things to do first! :-]

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that cars off the hook!!!!

as for the gandor mirrors, there are more than 3 altezza's in Nz with them for sure. just not very common......... I was gonna get some last year but I think the standard ones are equally cool!

but if some fall into my letter box, I will put them on :lol:


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