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A Home Needeed


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Love the humour in this room, good call Diane.

Well it would be obv to me that you are wanting shift out this way, to the way of the east folk.

I will keep my ears open for you.


cheers Stephen, I dont really want to move out there, its the cat, he likes the female felines out that way ;)

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I can understand that thought on the cats behalf. There is a few nice pussies out this way mate, just gotta watch out for them Bitch's (oops did I say that).

Well incase I dont get on here later, happy birthday there grandad. You so much closer to that midlife crises and middle age.

I seem to be in a festive mood tonite ay, well happy birthday mate all the best and many more to come.



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Hey now, thats enough of the grandad talk there buddy, Im not having anymore birthdays, from now on life will be one big long year, so forever 29! the dreaded 30 shall never come <_<

Anyway cheers dude

Aaron. :ph34r:

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