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Tints That Came With The Luxury Pack %

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It can't be 25% as for a regular vehicle such as an Altezza, the legal limit in NZ is 35%. From a manufacturer's point of view, I suspect one would be somewhat conservative as different countries have different limits and so forth. I guess 45% makes sense.

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I stand corrected then.

Anyway, gwin - if you're going to get the rest done aftermarket, aren't you going to be bound by the aftermarket limit anyway?

And I don't know about you, gwin, but the tints in my Altezza aren't that dark really, so I have NO idea how you could think it was 25%... :-o

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If aftermarket matches standard specs it gets passed.

Bull*BLEEP* walks.

I had 18% on mine before I had to pull them off for AIS. planning on going limo tint next round but bringing it to my mate to get it passed. made a mistake and brought it to someone with a reputation. *DAMN*

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