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Chrome Mercs


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OK -

If you havent seen these, basically get ready to really DROOL and say WOW !!

Im not too sure if Merc did these to showcase their cars as a stunt, cause if anyone can afford to do this, its definelty them !!

a showoff of these beautiful machines... what can I say - the reflection says it all.

these are now proudly parked in my garage next to my lexus.. hehehe :)

here's the link -


If you would like these as high resolution files, then just email (PM) me and I'll be happy to send them to you !!



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I was emailed these images a while back and Im pretty dam sure they are real cause I do computer graphics for a living and see this everyday...

With technology these days in graphics, you could probably pass with forging this look, you know how hard it is perfectting light, shadow and reflections all together seamlessly...

anyway, nevertheless - they look UNREAL :)

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