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Altezza Misfire Problem! Please Help!

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Hi everyone,

I am from the UK and I am having a serious misfire problem with my 1999 Toyota Altezza with automatic transmission and 3S-GE Beams engine.

I have already spent a hell of a lot of money trying to fix this problem. I have come to this forum because you all seem more knowledgeable on the Altezza than my fellow countrymen back on the UK forums.

My problem:

My Altezza misfires badly below 3300rpm. The worst misfiring is between 2500 and 3300 but it seems to clear and pull like normal above 3300rpm.

The is no engine warning light on the dash, however the green ECT PWR light flashes - and has been doing so for a long time.

The car does not appear to have any engine error codes stored when I short the terminals togther in the Diagnostics Box in the engine bay, however it does have a transmission error code 76.

I have already fitted the following brand new items to try to fix this problem:


New Plugs

New Coil Packs

New Fuel Filter

New Oxygen (Lambda) Sensors

Could the ECT PWR transmission problem have anything to do with the engine misfire?

If anyone has any suggestions as to what part to change next, or what could be causing this then please let me know! I was going to try to get hold of a throttle body with electrical components next and try swapping that over...



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