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Fuel Pump On Altezza

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Small note, The fuel pressure regulator is in the tank on the tezza, not at the

fuel rail, so pressure is regulated at the fuel pump. No fuel is returned from the fuel rail.

The whole lot is one 'module', fuel pump, filter, and regulator.

Would definitely be easier to upgrade the pump, than to try and run an extra one.

However, there is a certain amount of 'wang' in having a surge tank and external

pump.... :)

Just remember you'd have to regulate that at the tank also, unless you feel like

modifying the fuel rail.

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Damm that sounds expensive! What happened to the usual idea of overpumping from the tank and putting the regulator on the rail?

No doubt there are aftermarket pump/reg setups for really thirsty mods.

If you read this Boothy, what are you doing for a fuel pump setup?

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When I say one 'module' its all housed in a big plastic unit, but each part is still

independent and replaceable.

Fuel filter sort of wraps around the pump. Pump is a normal small bosch type.

(sorry TurboTezza, don't know the specs, will try and find out this week)

so can be easily upgraded with a higher flowing 'motorsport' (hehe that cracks

me up) pump.

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Hey guys, I was wondering if anybody knows how much the factory fuel pump flows, or what size it is.

Reason is I may have to upgrade.

I had to up grade not so long ago and the best option was an warlbro pump which is about $450-500 installed. its good for about 500-600hp.


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Answer to your qestion Keith,

Two pumps will be used in the race car. I'm running a pump from the main fuel cell up to a surge tank and then a hi-volume pump to the engine. This helps when the car gets thrown around and under acceleration.


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