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Hey cevu,

If you are keen on this mod, I think you should give it ago. I think you have done mods with a higher degree of difficulty then this. I think this one will be a learning curve initially untill you work out how best to get to the existing lighting.

Now, with out checking it out closer, I assume that the the existing illumination is via LED's in which case it should be a like for like swap. ie. No resistor required. just a simple solder in!

Look, I think I will look @ doing this sometime in the future for the simple fact that I absol love BLUE LED's. I feel that they make things look more expensive and give them a touch of Style!!

As for the flashing RGB LED in the start button, im not such a fan of that one. But, each to their own. If you like it, do it. Same deal, just buy an RGB LED instead of the blue. If you need a hand inregards to working out the resistors, let us know. (Thats if it needs one)!!! <_<

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i'm ok with all of the leds except the ML console. not too keen on taking that apart to get to the insides. you know, with it being an expensive bit of kit and all. with the nav/dvd hacks that was done via wiring loom/harnesses so it wasn't too bad.

i too am not a fan of the RGB starter. i'm just after either all blue or white dash as i think it makes the car look more classy as opposed to the stock camry like yellow/green.

i'll have a look at it later and see how i go.

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spent 3 pointless hours pulling apart the dash, door panels, air con vents etc to get a look at the lights. pain in the ass to do, i'll probably give it a miss.

doors, air con vents need new leds soldered on.

cigarette lighter, gear shift are just bulb changes,

and ML console.....?? most probably led soldering but i couldn't be bothered looking into it.

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Im Planning to mod the cluster LED to blue just like the IS-F, pulled apart the cluster before, now just need to order few LED from jaycar. Please note that if you dont know how to use soldering this isnt the mod for you. i will post later in future when i finish with this mod.

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sounds good dragon,

let us know how you go.

thats also the same reason i wanted to change to blue, saw the IS-F and it looked so much better than the is250.

but it looked like a lot of work though. anyway, if all goes well for your attempt i'd be happy to pay you for your time to get this mod done as i'm really keen to change.

can't stand the stock camry yellow/green colour!

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