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Importing An Altezza To Australia?

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Hi all, My names mark an im 17 in adelaide.

Basically i want my next car to be a Toyota Altezza rs200 (3sge beams) :P

I know that you cant import them straight from Japan because of some retarded rule but is there still a way to import one? or should i hire some1 to go and live in Japan for a year? Is there any other way of getting on isnot south Australia?

Also will it be able to be registered in south australia?

Thanks for any help, Mark

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besides race/rally as ant has mentioned, it can only be done as a personal import.

As you sort of mentioned, you would have to own the car in Japan, and be in Japan for 12 months with proof of ownership/insurance/rego etc all in your name.

So it can be done, but it is a very long and costly exercise. Just depends how much you really want the car.

If you want more particluar information let me know.



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as above no you can't bring a car over unless it has been privately owned for a minimum of 12 months. if you really want one just get an engine conversion done a lot less hassle but still expensive.

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