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Talk about the financial crisis and what Lexus is doing ... :mellow:

guess some of these is250s will be from the chatswood track event. :-)

Yeah I redlined a few of those IS250's. One of them only had 59Km's on the odometer when I took it out! :)

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Call the sale man yesterday and he said this is a deal that Lexus AUST and Dealer all take 50% of the discount. The thing is all price is go up to cover the zero interest. So just a sale trick.

Yes the loan is more hard than before: I bought one last week. We paid 40% upfront and rest for 12 months loan as company car. It's take 2 days to approved. The loan manager said same case will pass in 1 hour early of this year but now Lexus is more seriously about that.

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