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hey guys,

Picked up my is250 a couple of days ago and want to get a couple of things done asap!!

Does anyone know where I can get either or both the redout and nav hack done in Melbourne? The usual places for styling and audio mods don't have it or won't do it.

any ideas??


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Hi mate,


Don't think that you will find any commercial place that would do it....... Are you tech savvy??? All the info that U need is posted in this forum!!

Not much to it and you got a lot of members here that have done it and can lead you in the right direction if something goes wrong.!! If ya not confident........Well.......... become close friends with one of ya fellow Victorians!!!! ;)

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If you find someone for the Nav Hack let us know it is a bit painful having to pull over all the time.

a few of the members here, myself included, have already performed this hack and should be able to offer assistance or do it for you on a weekend when they're free.

as far as i am aware not a lot of places are keen to do it. nams electronics do it for about 300 or so last time i rang.

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Hi cevu, thanks for the reply, wondering if lexus said anything when you have dropped the car off for servicing....did they notice?? Thanks again.

lexus of chatswood know all about the mods that have been done to my car and they love it. i haven't had a problem with the hacks or any connected equipment and i did mine over 2 years ago.

as far as warranty is concerned they are within their rights to reject repairs with any equipment that the mods may affect but the guys at chatswood seem to be pretty laid back and don't cringe at my mods!

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Can you move them to Melbourne?? :lol:

thats quite funny.

you know what? when i was getting my services done i always removed my intake incase it may cause dramas than one day i was talking to them about possible mods and they suggested the exact intake i already had at home. so on my next service i didn't bother taking it out. they saw it, and asked if they could take it for a spin to hear what it sounds like. i was very surprised too! service from them has always been top notch even though mine is no longer stock!

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Yeah have to agree with Cevu. The Chatswood Lexus guys are pretty cool. One of them has an IS250 with a full Toms kit, lowered and with 18's. I saw it on my track day and it was sweet.

I was talking to another owner on that day and he told me he got the NAV hack installed by the Chatswood Lexus service centre!!!! From memory he said it cost around the $300 mark and he had to sign all sorts of waivers (meaning that they don't have any liability), but the next time I service my car, I will ask them about it.

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