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Had a awesome long drive of a is-f today and one word is excellent better than i thought.

Ride in sport mode is a better ride than my IS250 sport.

Handling is awesome still very nibble through twisties and very predictable.

Sound is loud and addictive even at idle its loud but not a intrusion in the cab very soft fast rubble.

Better than any v8 hsv or falcon by a mile

Power is very strong and fast pick up is great pushes you right back.

Looked better in the flesh than photos doesn't look over the top but very supple.

Man can you get some speeding fines in this car just a light tap on the thottle on the freeway and your doing 140ks in a blick.

How do you convince your wife i want one.

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Went for a quick drive in the black IS-F in Perth on Saturday. Test drives are actually booked out weeks in advance, but I managed to sneak

a quick lap around the block between tests.

The look is awesome, love the front side cooling vents. The fake quad tail pipes look cool. Nice interior, wish my IS250 SL had that finish and not the wood grain.

The power was bordering on scary. Being thrusted back into your seat was almost uncomfortable when the revs go about 4000. Definately felt more sporty

than my old C class AMG. You seem to feel more part of the car in the IS-F and get the feeling of pulling some serious G's. In the merc it just felt quiet and comfortable despite fast acceleration.

Very easily got to 120 in a 60 zone then braked very hard to get back into the speed limit.

Very fast gear changes, but the beeping gets annoying pretty fast

I can't believe it only has seat warmers tho, and not both warming and cooling.

I just need a spare $145k now - unless they decide the sell this demo one and avoid some LCT ;)

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Well $139000 on the road price.

Yes got to find some more cash they offered me a demo red with black interior coming this week for $12000 less than the $139000


i've been watching this thread and it's killing me! someone please win lotto and share it round!

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