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Lexus Is-f Test Drive - Lexus Lack Of Organisation

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Look i've been all for Lexus' service up until just these past few weeks where Lexus has greatly failed when it came to arranging an IS-F to drive.

Quite frankly, i'm a huge Lexus fan owning two cars from them but this stuff up has just burnt a hole in what was a perfect white sheet of paper.

In any case, this is what's happened so far, Lexus Australia had contacted me regarding the arrangment of an IS-F test drive at my local dealer. A date was set on a Saturday (1st Nov) at what was supposed to be 11am. Lexus Australia said my local dealer would contact me with final arrangements. During the week Lexus failed to call, even after numerous messages were left right up until the SATURDAY MORNING as the continuous message given to me was that the gentleman that handles the IS-F would contact me. So come Saturday morning still looking for that confirmation on the IS-F I FINALLY get a call to tell me this - NO BLOODY IS-F. The best he has to offer me is "come into the showroom I have one on display".

At this point in time, as you can imagine, aggrevation has kicked in. In any case, I was offered a drive on Tuesday however the following Saturday (8th Nov) suited me better due to time restraints. Guess what happened, no phone call. Brilliant.

Lexus left a message this week on Thursday (yesterday, 13th Nov) and upon trying to contact Lexus, we're back to square one.

As far as i'm concerned, Lexus aren't going to get a sale that's for sure. Recently took the Maserati GranTurismo out which as impressive as it is, the C63 AMG outperforms for half the price and i'm happy to have placed an order on the C63.

(Excuse the use of hyphen's in "IS-F")

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Hi Camski, I wouldn't take it out personally at Lexus, sometimes you can just get a complete tool of a salesman who just won't follow up on things.

I have been blown away so far with the effort that has gone in to getting this done and fixing things. I have only owned my X for just under a week and the pre & after sales service has been great. I had an audio issue and without making an appointment I took it to a service centre and was fixed in 30 mins.

While I may have had a good experience, I'm sorry to hear that you have not had the same level of service.

Good luck with your C63, nice car!

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Hey Camski,

sorry to hear about that. My Chatswood Lexus sales manager has followed me up a couple of times if I would like to test drive the ISF, so it sounds like you got a dodgy sales rep mate. What dealership was it?

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hey camski... i've had the same exact experience! Some chick from lexus australia called me to arrange for a test drive. She told me that someone from lexus of chatswood would call me to confirm but the call never came. I've heard so much about the lexus service but i have to say that my current IS 250 will be my 1st and last lexus.

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ilv1004s - I've been 100% happy with Lexus' service until this, they have been (and still remain) number one in terms of after sales service for me.

FrankyX - Agree with you completely there, that's why I don't wish to name the dealership as one persons mistake shouldn't cost the whole dealership.

kinjiru - Yup, i'd say it was a one off but....

ghast - Sounds all too familiar mate. Pity too, Lexus are usually pretty good in terms of their organisation, never had a problem with arrangments made towards servicing, requests were carried out accordingly and courtesy cars were always on hand.

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