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100000km On Odo = End Of The Engine?

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HI everybody

my altezza had now done 82k already... i was thinkin of selling it as almost everybit of my car was keyed..+ so now i have 2 re paint it 4 around $2000.

+ there is alot of mods that i want 2 get 4 my car.. like a set of JUN fly wheel + H/D clutch kit which cost $1800... + i also wanna get a set of TRD or ZEAL coilover.. which cost ard $1500.. so what im trying 2 say is that... by the time that i can save the $$ 4 these mods .. my cars will be on 100ks already... so is it worth it 2 do mods on the car that had already done so high ks? +when the car had done 100ks.. is that mean the engine have to be recondition in order 2 hv the performance like it was new? could somebody tell me plz thz :)

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LolZ!! My Nissan Sentra has done 290,000km without touching it apart from a couple of $7 oil seals. I put in a new clutch when I did the rear engine oil seal at 265000km, although it hadn't quite worn out!

My Nissan Skyline that was my previous company runabout I sold with over 300,000km on, and never touched that engine either.

Engines are much better than they were 15years ago.

Anyway, Soarer V8's are only a couple of grand... :lol:


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Gutted to hear that your car was keyed like that - that sucks so bad. Astounding how much damage can be caused in so small a time. :-(

I definitely wouldn't think that 100,000kms is too much to do mods on! I'd more look at the cost of the mods in relation to the value of the car - your car is still going to be worth at least, what, $18-20,000 when it has 100,000 kms? That's still a fair bit of money to mod on top of!

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I would say these cars are in there prime over 100,000kms.

mines on bout 84,000 know and seems to run alot better than it did at 60,000 but that mite be because of a few extra modifications.

I'd be thinking of selling it around 120,000 - 140,000 kms myself but modification wise i've never heard of a standard engine dying!

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I have a friend who drives his '98 RS200 to about 250,000km (he is an Area Manager) and it still goes like thunder each time you put pedal to metal (He still has the car, still looks brand spanking new). As long you you get it serviced regularly by the people you know what's going on, you should be sweet for many km's to go.



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