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Rx300 From Uk To Nsw

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I have an RX300 (2001 model, 65000k) in the UK and we are returning to Oz next year. THe secondhand market here is dead unless you are part exing (would get about $6-7k if lucky). Thinking of bringing it back to Oz therefore along with my husband's IS200. I have found out that RX300 was never sold in Oz, only imports. Could anyone who has an RX300 tell me how they go for parts and servicing as the parts company I contacted didn't sound optimistic. ALso, has anybody imported one from the UK and if so, what modifications did it need for compliance in NSW?

It seems a real shame to let it go as I'm so happy with it, not to mention the fact that Oz secondhand cars are more expensive than in the UK so I lose out both ways! The export costs look to be about $10-12k but at least I would have a hopefully reliable car at the end of it even just for a year or 2.

Any help much appreciated!


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