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Ks400 Radio Settings

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Hi all. Season's greetings to everyone.

My handicapped daughter didn't close the trunk properly on my 1999 LS400, right hand drive. It was down, but not locked into place, so the light was on for a couple of days, before I discovered it. This flattened the battery! There was power enough for the lights, and to pull starter solenoid in, but not enough to turn the motor over.

I recharged the battery overnight, and it started and ran fine, the next morning. However the "VSC Off" light was on, and the "Check VSC" warning was showing. It couldn't be turned off. A mechanic said to disconnect the battery, and see if that would reset the VSC, and the manual also says the same thing. So I did, knowing I would lose fuel mileage and associated information, probably both trip meters, (I was wrong with that one) and the radio settings. The radio didn't worry me as I had instructions in the owner's manual, and had previously put in my own pin number.

However, the radio now won't do anything, it comes on to "SEC" immediately the ignition is turned to ACC. It appears it should actually be off, and blank. Because it's on SEC, I am unable to use the 1, 6 and ON buttons together, also unable to use the 1 and Tune buttons for resetting.

Any ideas how I can get the radio working again, or would I have to take it to a Lexus dealer?

Also, can anyone tell me what the "horn" in the engine compartment, just in front of the firewall, is for? Also if there is a way to increase the volume of the beeps when the remote control lock and unlock is used.

Many thanks


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