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Wtb: Navigation System


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just wondering if anyone has the navigation system they dont want (or need) or know of where I can get one for the IS200... even if its in japanese.

Im curious to do some experimental work with it... and no... Im not gonna destroy it!! If anything - it might be an improvement !! :)

willing to pay top bucks !!

thanks !!


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Funny that, I just removed my GPS screen and the nav module to fit in a DVD player - have to warn you though that it's in two bits (screen and the Nav module) - if you are still keen let me know



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Why..?? heheh do you have one in Japanese as well..??

Im a little fortunate that I have some friends who are dam good with electronics !! and with a little patience and care, I think can work around this ...

Figured I wanna do something different other than perfromance ... (cause my car's TOO LOW to go fast !! hehe ) and who knows... maybe I can get the system to do other things beside just telling me the best route ! :)

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