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So i went to the dealers for my 2 yrs service yesterday and got diagnosted with a grinding/crunching sound from the cluster. Although i did not pick this out the guy at the dealer was kind enough to alerted me to it (i was really impressed). Anyway the sound was like a slight crunch when you turn on the engine which wasn't apparent to me. What was apparent was as the needles goes right and back they give off a distinct ginding noise and which i thought it was normal.

Anyway they will order a new cluster for me in the NY and will replace it. I also have that noise onthe steering column as though the housing is loose but only during cold start up.

Does anyone know if any TSBs for these issues?

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I was quite suprised to see that the instrument cluster noise was pretty common. A fair few guys in the states have mentioned it. The fact that the dealership has offered to replace it suggests that it may be a known fault. No official bulletin though!

As for the steering column, most common noise associated with it originates from the steering lock. Which model IS have you got?? Prestige or S/Lux?

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I was told by the Dealer that they only had one or two car before mine that they had to replace the cluster. To be honest it was at all aparent to me. anyway the noise from the needles as it swings forth and back i hope will not exist in this new replacement cluster.

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LDC - exactly the same issue for me (04/2006 IS250). I noticed it (I have an irritatingly sensitive ear! - my wife never heard it), and actually I highlighted it to the dealer at last service. Just some little cogs slightly out of alignment behind the display.

I keep an eye out for TSBs, but havent seen one for this - I wouldnt worry - its a dead easy procedure for the Lexus Techys to do.

You may also notice that your speedometer is probably a bit out - if you speedo is making those sounds, that also means that your speedo is out by about 6-8% (this is what the dealer told me - see an earlier post somewhere I believe).

Its a 30-40min simple changeover. (old cluster comes out, new cluster goes in). Got this done for me about 9 months ago - no noise since.

Buzz in the steering column - just turn your steering wheel half a rotation or so, so as to expose the grey/black coloured 'Phillips-head' screws (the face of the screws face towards the driver). Get a screwdriver and tighten up any slack in them (if any) - that may solve your column buzz.

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