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1993 Lexus Es300 For Sale

Hank Scorpio

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As you can probably tell by now I am selling my '93 Lex.

The car is Dark Green, has a cream leather interior and has done 166,300kms.

Whilst in my possesion I have tinted the windows (darkest legal), CD Tuner (Westside Car Audio), put in new front struts and engine thing (lol, complete mind blank ATM, helps hold engine in place) (WA Suspension) and had the starter motor serviced/fixed aswell as have it regularly serviced (West Racing, last serviced 162,000kms).

As a result the car is in top shape and drives wonderfully.

At the moment there is a rather large dent on the RHR quarter. Fear not some d***head hit it whilst it was PARKED in a car park so there is not much damage and it is already booked in with a panel shop to get fixed through insurance.

It is currently sitting on Advanti Envy Chrome Wheels wrapped in 225/40R18 Kumho KU31's. They have been on for less then 4,000kms. I do however still have the original 15" Wheels wrapped in 205/65R15 Pirellis. The car can be sold either way depending on price.

I also installed a rather nice sound system with Nertz splits in the front and rear, Pioneer mono-channel amp and 12" Alpine S-Type Sub. Again however I still have the original speakers and can sell the car either way depending on price.

I shall post pics later, but hey you all know what an ES300 looks like!

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The car is still for sale. $8,000 w/stock rims $9,500 w/chromies.

The car will come with the original sound system (still very good, I am quite happy with it for my daily driving you just can't pump up the bass and play it ridiculously loud).

Booked in with North City Holden Panel and Paint (Scarborough Beach Rd Osborne Park) to fix RHR/rear damage.

$100 finders fee open to you if you can put somebody in touch with me who wants it.


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