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Isf Vs Is, M3 Vs 3 Series (cosmetic Differences)

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Ok instead of hijacking other threads lets compare them here.

Is the IS-F differ more than the M3 to their non sports cars.



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1) Side grill Lexus is more distinct (Lexus 1, BMW 0)

2) Side vents (indicator area) BMW is more distinct (Lexus 1, BMW 1)

3) From mirror forward Lexus is more distinct (Lexus 2, BMW 1)

Everything else is pretty much the same everywhere on both types, excluding wheels and suspension.

Not a bad level of change (side view) from Lexus for such a short time frame to make the Is-F, more than what i thought before doing this comparo.

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spoiler on is-f more distinct. Also more presence on the is250 compared to the plain bmw that has nothing at all.

Should of used the sports/sports luxury is250 pic coz the prestige has crap wheels compared to the bmw low end (whatever model it is)

Wish you could change the side panels on the IS250 to get those IS-F grills even for looks...I like it.

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