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Install Turbo Into Stock 1997 Es300

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I have recently bought a 1997 ES300 stock that has done 150,000. It is in near new condition and is absolutely stock just like it was purchased from the dealership. I would like to get some advice on weather its possible to fit a quality turbo or twin turbo to the stocl 3 litre engine. I want the car to maintain its original look but just have some serious power.

Does anyone here know if it can be done, the best people to do the job and the kind of cost id be looking at??

Any advice would be much appreciated.



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I have not heard of any kits to turbo a 1MZ-FE engine I'm afraid. You can always get one custom made by a good racing/mechanic shop but it is going to be expensive (then again if you want it bad enough and want a one off vehicle why not?).

You can certainly get your engine supercharged though. You will get some decent power from it and it should be cheaper then turbo-ing it.

I certainly like my ES but if you were after some performance from your Lexus wouldn't you think swaping to a RWD LS or GS be better?

So yeah, check out TRD superchargers, that would be your best way to get your ES300 to have some go with it's show.

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I have pondered this myself, (96 tho by the way has the 3VZfe is that weird?) anyhoo most efficient is setting up twins however no space over the back so youd have to go custom = big $$$, supercharger is a good idea however there is no space on the pulley side in mine there is about 5mm clearance, you have no bonnet clearance for an SC in the valley, plus it would just look weird, so it looks like your/we are going to have to swap it for a RWD unless you go down the nitrous path.

having said that i have seen some EPIC twin turbo 3VZ's slotted into the back of mr2's.

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