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Headlight Logic?

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:angry: :angry: :angry: Can anybody explain the logic of the headlight switch on the RX350? I prefer to drive with the headlights on, especially as I have a very dark coloured car. In my Benz, the lights come on when I start the engine, and go off 30 seconds after I stop it. On my Lexus, I have the switch set to "On" and the same thing (more or less) happens - the lights go on when I switch on the ignition, and go off when I turn the engine off.

Except tonight - I went out to my car and found one headlight glowing at about half power, the other one off, and the battery too flat to turn over the engine! :angry::angry:

Can anybody explain why this is so? Thanks

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I really love all the interaction in these forums :rolleyes:

It seems that if you have the headlights on with the engine running, they go off if you turn the key directly to the Off position. If you just turn it one notch (to Acc) the lights stay on, even after you turn the key off and remove it. Likewise if you turn the key on and off again without starting the engine, the lights will come on and stay on.

Frankly I think this is utterly crazy. What sort of idiot designed this system? In the Benz (and even lesser vehicles like Subarus) the lights go off when you turn off or remove the key. No chance of running the battery flat with them.

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