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Hey Guys...

some of you should already know thta I m obsessive with L-Sportline products, I love it so much I won't even get other visible products made by other brands..heheh..say I m a retard but anyway, I got news that my L-Sportline Springs (1.45" Drop) and Rear Deck Emblem is on the way to my door from the US, both coming on EMS (Express Mail Service)...I CANT WAIT ANY LONGER!!!

Later on this year I will also so the L Sportline Mesh Grille along with another emblem to stick it on the grille...I will have a few more looks I might even get a L Sportline Roof Spoiler, would it be too many spoiler things?

FYI, if you guys wonder why i love it so much...visit their website...www.lsportline.com

Remember when you have a Lexus Brabuslise it don't Civiclise it!!! there is a difference between a $5000 boyracer kart and a $600000 Brabus......:D

All the L-Sportline stuff I wanted but cannot get

L-Sportline Bodykit (US have bigger bumpers so It wont fit onto our cars)

L-Sportline Spoiler (Because I have already got a Lip Spoiler)

L-Sportline Exhaust (Due to the new law, I will see how that goes, I might buy it anyway becaus eit is all LEGAL until you get caught!!!)

L-Sportline Muilti Piece wheels, (I CANT AFFORD $15000 Wheels)

Thats it guys, I might have to go with other brands like PLP or L-Tuned

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well since everyone's getting new toys i might as well post mine up as well.

Got meself a Trust Profec B boost controller and installing on monday :)

then waiting for the steering remote control to play with the boost.

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