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hey im lookin at getting an es300 for preferably under 8 or 9 grand

just wondering if anyone could fill me in on their reliability? what to look out for? what problems to check? what km range when they start having problems?

any help appreciated

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I just bought one yesterday . Main problems would be headgasket and gearbox . Common problem

for these cars to not shift gears smoothly . Apparentely it has something to do with the speed or knock sensors for some people . And just look for your usual wear and tear things

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i had one for 6 years and it was faultless for about 5 years. then stuff started to go around 240,000 kms.

Oil leaks, transmission was a little rough, overheating, dash lights are a common problem with these models. the mercury needles stop lighting up or flicker so its hard to see how fast your going most of the time.

I did love my lexy though. So comfy to drive, a real cruiser, had grunt if needed and the sound really opened up after about 4 or 5000 revs! I wish I had of taken better care of it because it was a great car.

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