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2009 Is250 Sport Luxurys Factory Tint (please Help)

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Max legal tint is 35%, so would definitely not be 20%. I have 20% all over and is much darker than the standard tint.


Does this come as standard? I would not opt for this and choose to get it done darker somewhere else. Each to their own i suppose.

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Windows tinting is not standard.

The dealer might throw it in as a freebie but it is not a factory tint as such and they will generally do the front windows lighter than the backs.

Unless the dealer throws it in, you probably better off shopping around and getting it done elsewhere as you will get what you want usually a lot cheaper.

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I went to carsales and spotted most sport luxurys with rather light tint with them. the problem is we have ordered one but cant recall if there is any tint on the car.


The standard windows have a very light tint, as you would be seeing on carsales, and all side windows are the same. Unlike the RX.

The picture of FrankyX's car is definately aftermarket tinting, and well worth the effort. Especially on black. :P

As someone has already mentioned, get it done after delivery by an installer you feel you can trust. You will likely get better quality tint and have a place to it back to if an issue arises.

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