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Hi guys,

I am in the market for an IS250, probably second hand or ex dealer. I have come from driving manual cars both normal and sports and wanted to know if any of you own a manual, do you like it and is there any difference between the manual & auto? (performance, etc)

For those of you who have switched from manual to auto, do you enjoy it do you hate it?

ANy feedback would be great! :)

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Hi Nick,

I used to be a manual driver before I came across to sequential auto.

The gap between manual and auto are close I say. It's all personal preference. Obviously there is no clutch pedal and in the auto does change gear quite quick and smoothly...It's not DSG quick but it's still does it quick well.

I have to drive in peak hour traffic and auto was more economical (You can even lock out higher gears in the auto).

I actually prefer to auto now, they are more sophisticated now compared to 10 years ago and the mileage difference gap is much smaller now.

At the end of the day, it's personal preference. The auto car is perceived as a prestige car with sophistication. A manual is simplistic in nature.

Drive one before you make your decision which one you prefer.

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No point in buying a manual IS250 imo (unless it's the F but then again the 8 speed auto is not something i would want to just dish). The 6speed auto is flawless!

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i have read reviews about the auto versus manual, and they say that its a shame that us aussies here can't appreciate a manual luxury car as they claim the manual IS250 is a bundle of joy to have.

I've also got a manual sports coupe along with my auto is250.

i have 230rwkw in my manual versus a stock auto is250 (~115rwkw) and i can tell you the is250 is still enjoyable to drive, yes it doesn't have as much of grunt as my other car but you tend to appreciate the car a lil more. That being said, i mess around with the tiptronic and boy its fun...my TCS likes to beep a lot

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