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Filling The Void Left By The Gps System....

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I have recently removed and replaced the factory headunit, in doing so making the GPS system inoperable. :rolleyes:

I am looking to find something to fill the useless space taken up by the remote control holder (located next to the handbrake) and the screen. :D

Has anyone else removef these parts and if so, what did you end up replacing them with??? :P

Also, how difficult was it to remove the centre console to get the remote housing out??? ;)

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I still don't quite get why the headunit is an integral part of the system - any ideas?

I mean sure, if you want to hear the voice navigation and/or TV...

Weird thing is that I took out my factory head unit and replaced it, and now the navigation screen has some weird error on it that apparently translates as "You cannot operate the navigation system with the car door open" ... :-o

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