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Alternator Diode Pack Stuffed?

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Hi Guys, first post here, My LS400 is playing up. I was driving the car and all the dash warning lights came on and the steering got heavy. When I shut it down the battery was flat. I checked out some sites and the consensus was that the alternator regs tend to crap out so I replaced the reg and brushes. The charging voltage seemed to be alot more stable as it was up to 16v with the old reg but sits solid on 14.2

Driving last night the dash lights cam on again etc. My question is, Has anyone isolated the fault in the alternator down to a diode pack before? Most of the time the car charges the battery fine but then it just decides to drain the battery. Did a long frive the other night and it was fine. I checked the vharge rate the whole time. Went for a 5 minute drive last night and it flattens the battery in that time.

Also would like to know where the battery earth lead goes to so I can check that. Cant see the bloody thing.

Can anyone suggest where to get a diode pack from for a reasonable price in Australia?

Regards Matt

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