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I Must Be Getting Old....


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Yep- put an offer forward and it's just been accepted.

I now own my first home!

Kinda scarey seeing all those zero's on an amount of money that I now owe to some rich,over zealous banking association-but I tell you,it's all worthwhile when I take possesion on 4th July(ironically US independance day)

1/4 acre section-2500 sq ft 3 level home-Central Heating,air con,Spa pool and if ya walk out of the driveway,turn right and walk 20 metres you're on the beach lookin over the islands.... But most impotantly,A DECENT GARAGE!complete with loft storage,remote opener and built in fridge....My 'tezza finally has a house of it's own(sigh)




Now who wants to come to the housewarming?

Already working on the DJ lineup,no cover charge,and beverages complimentary of course....Date to follow!

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YOU'RE getting old!! :o

I bought my first house when I was 40ish and I'm onto my fifth now!

So did you buy in Orakei or The Takapuna Millionaires Row? You could have joined us in the leafy clean-green peacefulness of Chowick, still the best place to live! :)

Is it a condition of the housewarming that you have to bring a Lexus? :D

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